I know it's hard to believe. How can we have these and be willing to sell them when others refuse? We love our DIYer customers and believe in making money by not only servicing the complete unit, but selling hard-to-find parts for the unit too! We have the OEM factory Mitsubishi EVO 8-9 t-case ring and pinions in stock and we sell them at an unbelievable price! They are not made in China or Korea, they are not custom made by some expensive over-seas gear company. They are factory direct from Mitsubishi. They fit perfectly, are of excellent quality, and are the gears your t-case came with originally, so they are easy to install. This is it! This is what you have been waiting for and one of the major frustrations with the EVO is the inability to find the ring and pinions. You found them here through us! Now buy them, follow these directions here, and enjoy! Want us to rebuild your t-case with the correct OEM parts? We can do that too here