They may look discolored and a bit odd, but that's due to the surface ground heat treat process.  It's a good thing!  This process prevents the steels from warping at high temps.  Factory and aftermarket steels are known to warp easily, but not these. 

Jacks Trans is proud to offer a high performance clutch which will operate very much like a factory clutch on the street.  In the past, in order to use a 1000ft/lb or higher clutch, you had to increase oil pressures, live with erratic and harsh shifting, and live with a terribly loud over-worked oil pump.  Not anymore!  Our 1000ft/lb clutch set is designed to give you a nice factory feel without oil pump modifications.  They also shift nice and smooth in normal mode, but set it to R mode and they will shift firm and fast! 

The ability to have a clutch set hold in the GR6 at factory oil pressure levels keeps the trans happy. You won't have to worry about fork, synchro sleeve, pressure sensor or seal failures with this clutch.  The trans can run at its normal pressures which makes the unit function much better and feel more pleasurable to drive.

In the pictures below, you can see these new steels are over 1mm wider than the OEM style replacements.  This means more friction surface area so more torque can be pushed through this clutch-set without slip and without added pressures.

Steel on the right is the new wide version.  OEM on the left:



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