The ODD clutch basket is the most common to break in the R35 GT-R.  This will give a clutch overheat warning and disable R, 1, 3, 5 gears.

At an amazing price, this billet, 1-piece, treated steel basket is guaranteed to be the nicest piece you have ever seen or your money back!  If you install this part, you will never break or wear out a basket again!

Designed to fit OEM and up to 20-plate clutches.  We were thinking about a lot of common upgrades when we made these.  The splines in the basket are extended for those of you which need to make more room for more plates by machining the carrier and piston contact points.  We left a lot of extra spline at the top and made it easy to do what you wish to your clutch!  Please EMAIL if you have fitment questions.

These baskets are also made of harder and more durable materials than any other basket in the industry!  Our baskets will not wear down due to friction plate tooth contact which is a common issue with some baskets. Do a simple scratch test when you have our baskets next to any other offering and you will see the clear difference!

Want to install them yourself?  Not a problem as we always support our customers! Buy the friendliest baskets to install from those which support the DIYer!  Detailed instructions HERE

EVEN 2, 4, 6 basket sold HERE


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Billet Clutch Basket, ODD, R-1-3-5 - GR6

  • $800.00
  • $600.00

Tags: GTR Rebuild

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