• Trans Fluid - V160

Price per quart. This fluid has been developed by us to give you superior gear protection in high powered applications without killing shift quality.  In the past, if you wanted a fluid which would shift nice you would create more wear.  If you wanted to protect the trans with thicker oil, then the shift quality would suffer.

With this fluid you will get the best shift quality with long bearing and thrust life. Gear tooth wear will also be smooth and shiny unlike many other oils out there which give a smeared and wiped out look to the tooth due to the fluid’s inability to withstand high torque conditions.

Warning! This oil is to be used with Jacks Trans synchros using larger oil channels.  If you have OEM synchros, it may feel slightly notchy with our fluid.

Please note that this fluid is a bit thicker than the OEM Toyota fluid.  In cold conditions, this may create a slight notchy shifting feel until the unit warms up. 

This fluid should be used in high powered applications ONLY.  If you are not over 800hp, stick with the OEM

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Trans Fluid - V160

  • $12.50

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