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We are located at:

3920 North Weber Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Our office hours are Monday - Thursday 8AM-4PM, Friday 8AM-3PM  MDT. Feel free to give us a call at 719-268-6011 or, preferrably, email at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Email if you can:
If possible PLEASE email if you can. Email has a number of advantages over the phone.

1) When you get a response via Email we now have a record. This is a good thing, because when I return phone calls I can’t remember what we talked about 5 minutes after the phone conversation is over. We get a huge volume of calls and Emails every day here at Jacks Transmissions, so it’s difficult to remember what is going on without a record.

2) With Email things can be listed easily where I can respond to it individually with price, availability, etc and this way things can easily be added, removed or reviewed to fit you needs.

3) We are able to respond to emails faster as phone calls are time consuming and difficult to keep up with.

Phone calls:
If you do decide to call us instead of using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we WILL return your call within 24 business hours if you leave us a message. This includes you leaving us your phone number, slowly and clearly. Also, due to the complexity of most of the assemblies we service -- technical support is not available over the phone; only via email.

Jacks Transmissions LLC:
Owned and operated by Jack McGee, in Colorado Springs, CO. We strive to provide top quality sales, service, and support for our products Worldwide. 

We offer a wide variety of services:
Jacks Transmissions is not only a top quality transmission rebuild company, but we also offer sales of transmission parts. 

Why shop Jacks Transmissions?
Our unique approach to the sales process assures that you will always receive the best configuration for your needs. From the identification of requirements to the proper matching of parts/upgrades for a particular purpose, our sales staff will guide and suggest solutions that not only fit your requirement, but meet your budget as well. With so many options available, this guidance can prove to be very helpful. With a 14 month unlimited mileage warranty, we also have the best warranty in the business proving that our product quality is the best you can find here at Jacks Transmissions.

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3920 North Weber Street Colorado Springs, CO, 80907

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30AM-7PM MT


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