SST / DCT470 Build Services

We have a wealth of knowledge on your SST 6-speed and receive a large number of them for repairs and upgrades.  We have the experience, equipment, tools, parts access and the engineering mentality to assure a proper and complete rebuild of your SST with a full warranty! We have simple and convenient shipping options to get your SST trans to us.  Over-seas?  We love our customers outside of the US, please contact us for shipping options as we would like to service your SST as well.  

We have the means to test the unit before it is shipped back to assure the problems are repaired, just in case, on those more difficult issues. We have everything here to assure quality and reliability for your SST.  Do it once, do it right, and have us do it so you don't have to worry about it again!

Options below for your SST.  Please note, we highly recommend the rebuild over anything else offered as the rebuild will take care of all the common of  SST issues.

Please visit our FAQ section as we have updated our Core Exchange policy

SST / DCT470 Clutch Upgrade Services

SST / DCT470 Clutch Upgrade Services

We offer this upgrade path as many of our customers continue to want this only, even though it may n..


SST / DCT470 Trans Repair Services

SST / DCT470 Trans Repair Services

We are proud to offer repair or upgrade services for your SST! The SST transmission is a first gener..


SST Clutch Damper Build Service

SST Clutch Damper Build Service

The clutch damper can become damaged due to many reasons. Lately, we have seen so many worn and dama..


Mechatronic / Valve Body Assembly - SST / DCT470

Mechatronic / Valve Body Assembly - SST / DCT470

SST Valve Body / Mechatronic / TCU Assembly The TCU must be programmed in order for it to operate c..


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