This is another problem we have found to be popping up more frequently. Many EVO 8 5-speed trannies had bent input shafts from the factory. They don’t appear to be bending due to power or abuse, but seem to have been that way from Mitsubishi. We have seen bent shafts in everything from stock cars to highly modified ones. These shafts are huge compared to the input shafts you see on a DSM, Honda, or Subaru, and it is very rare to see even those bend. The EVO 8 input shafts are just too big to bend and we don’t see any evidence of the shafts bending do to twisting forces or shock loads. The shafts look perfect except for a bend at the clutch end. A bent shaft can do a lot of nasty things. It can break clutch disk hubs, cause clutches to make noise, cause poor shift quality, and cause the clutch to drag decreasing synchro and clutch life. If you have any of these symptoms, you might have a bad input shaft.


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