Listed below are gear ratios for the DSM / EVO III 5-Speed Transmissions. The chart calculates vehicle speeds based on the gear ratio and tire size. As you can see, the EVOIII gear set offers a taller 1st and 5th gears and also gives you a closer ratio 3rd and 4th! As you can see, with the right amount of power you can propel your DSM into the 200+ mph range.

Note: This chart has been updated to reflect shifting at up to 9000 RPM!

Gear Ratios   DSM Stock 4.929:1   EVOIII Stock 4.929:1
1st Gear   3.083   2.785
2nd Gear   1.684   1.684
3rd Gear   1.115   1.16
4th Gear   0.833   0.862
5th Gear   0.666    
EVOIII 5th   0.617   0.617
The following speeds are based on an OEM tire diameter of 25.5"
    3000 RPM   3000 RPM
1st   15mph   17mph
2nd   27mph   27mph
3rd   41mph   40mph
4th   55mph   54mph
5th   69mph    
EVOIII 5th   75mph   75mph
    5000 RPM   5000 RPM
1st   25mph   28mph
2nd   46mph   46mph
3rd   69mph   66mph
4th   92mph   89mph
5th   116mph    
EVOIII 5th   125mph   125mph
    7000 RPM   7000 RPM
1st   35mph   39mph
2nd   64mph   64mph
3rd   97mph   93mph
4th   129mph   125mph
5th   162mph    
EVOIII 5th   175mph   175mph
    7500 RPM   7500 RPM
1st   37mph   41mph
2nd   69mph   69mph
3rd   104mph   100mph
4th   139mph   134mph
5th   173mph    
EVOIII 5th   187mph   187mph
    8000 RPM   8000 RPM
1st   40mph   44mph
2nd   73mph   73mph
3rd   110mph   106mph
4th   148mph   143mph
5th   185mph    
EVOIII 5th   200mph   200mph
    8500 RPM   8500 RPM
1st   42mph   47mph
2nd   78mph   78mph
3rd   117mph   113mph
4th   157mph   152mph
5th   197mph    
EVOIII 5th   212mph   212mph
    9000 RPM   9000 RPM
1st   45mph   50mph
2nd   82mph   82mph
3rd   124mph   119mph
4th   166mph   161mph
5th   208mph    
EVOIII 5th   225mph   225mph

We are working on adding a calculator to the website so you can calculate the speed of your vehicle based on either custom gear ratios / tire sizes. In the meantime, feel free to email us with any questions you may have. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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