Listed below are gear ratios for the EVO 8 / 9 5-Speed Transmissions. The chart calculates vehicle speeds based on the gear ratio, final drive ratio, and tire size. As you can see, the upgraded 4.0 final drive ratio is 11.69% taller, per gear, than the standard OEM final drive! We have also had numerous people asking us how the 4.0 compares to the 4.1. During this comparison, we are using a standard gear ratios, factory tire sizes, and swapping out the final drive. Note: This chart has been updated to reflect shifting at up to 9000 RPM! 


Gear Ratios   EVO 8 Stock 4.53:1   EVO 9 Stock 4.529:1   EVO 8        4.0:1   EVO 9        4.0:1   EVO 8        4.1:1   EVO 9      4.1:1
1st Gear   2.928   2.785   2.928   2.785   2.928   2.785
2nd Gear   1.95   1.95   1.95   1.95   1.95   1.95
3rd Gear   1.407   1.444   1.407   1.407   1.407   1.407
4th Gear   1.031   1.096   1.031   1.031   1.031   1.031
5th Gear   0.72   0.761   0.72   0.761   0.72   0.761
JDM 5th Gear 0.825   0.825   0.825   0.825   0.825   0.825
The following speeds are based on an OEM tire diameter of 25.5".
    3000 RPM   3000 RPM   3000 RPM   3000 RPM   3000 RPM   3000 RPM
1st   17mph   18mph   19mph   20mph   19mph   20mph
2nd   26mph   26mph   29mph   29mph   29mph   29mph
3rd   36mph   35mph   40mph   40mph   40mph   40mph
4th   49mph   46mph   55mph   55mph   54mph   54mph
5th   70mph   66mph   79mph   75mph   77mph   73mph
JDM 5th   61mph   61mph   69mph   69mph   67mph   67mph
    5000 RPM   5000 RPM   5000 RPM   5000 RPM   5000 RPM   5000 RPM
1st   29mph   30mph   32mph   34mph   32mph   33mph
2nd   43mph   43mph   49mph   49mph   47mph   47mph
3rd   60mph   58mph   67mph   67mph   66mph   66mph
4th   81mph   76mph   92mph   92mph   90mph   90mph
5th   116mph   110mph   132mph   125mph   129mph   122mph
JDM 5th   102mph   102mph   115mph   115mph   112mph   112mph
    7000 RPM   7000 RPM   7000 RPM   7000 RPM   7000 RPM   7000 RPM
1st   40mph   42mph   45mph   48mph   44mph   47mph
2nd   60mph   60mph   68mph   68mph   66mph   66mph
3rd   83mph   81mph   94mph   92mph   92mph   92mph
4th   114mph   107mph   129mph   129mph   126mph   126mph
5th   163mph   154mph   184mph   175mph   180mph   170mph
JDM 5th   142mph   142mph   161mph   161mph   157mph   157mph
    7500 RPM   7500 RPM   7500 RPM   7500 RPM   7500 RPM   7500 RPM
1st   43mph   45mph   49mph   51mph   47mph   50mph
2nd   64mph   64mph   73mph   73mph   71mph   71mph
3rd   89mph   87mph   101mph   101mph   99mph   99mph
4th   122mph   115mph   138mph   138mph   135mph   135mph
5th   175mph   165mph   198mph   187mph   193mph   184mph
JDM 5th   152mph   152mph   172mph   172mph   168mph   168mph
    8000 RPM   8000 RPM   8000 RPM   8000 RPM   8000 RPM   8000 RPM
1st   46mph   48mph   52mph   55mph   51mph   53mph
2nd   69mph   69mph   78mph   78mph   76mph   76mph
3rd   95mph   93mph   108mph   108mph   105mph   105mph
4th   130mph   122mph   147mph   147mph   144mph   144mph
5th   186mph   186mph   211mph   199mph   206mph   195mph
JDM 5th   162mph   162mph   184mph   184mph   179mph   179mph
    8500 RPM   8500 RPM   8500 RPM   8500 RPM   8500 RPM   8500 RPM
1st   49mph   51mph   55mph   58mph   54mph   57mph
2nd   73mph   73mph   83mph   83mph   81mph   81mph
3rd   101mph   99mph   115mph   115mph   112mph   112mph
4th   138mph   130mph   156mph   156mph   153mph   152mph
5th   198mph   198mph   224mph   212mph   218mph   207mph
JDM 5th   173mph   173mph   195mph   195mph   191mph   191mph
    9000 RPM   9000 RPM   9000 RPM   9000 RPM   9000 RPM   9000 RPM
1st   51mph   54mph   58mph   61mph   57mph   60mph
2nd   77mph   77mph   88mph   88mph   85mph   85mph
3rd   107mph   104mph   121mph   121mph   118mph   118mph
4th   146mph   138mph   166mph   166mph   162mph   162mph
5th   209mph   209mph   237mph   224mph   231mph   219mph
JDM 5th   183mph   183mph   207mph   207mph   202mph   202mph


 We are working on adding a calculator to the website so you can calculate the speed of your vehicle based on either custom gear ratios / tire sizes. In the meantime, feel free to email us with any questions you may have. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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