We are proud to offer custom clutch configurations to fit your goals.

We have many friction and steel designs to fit the goals of just about anyone.  Please feel free to contact us if your requirements go outside of what we offer on the website.  We can do many things to allow even the most aggressive clutch to be able to engage smoothly, but half the battle is with your tuner and making changes in your tune for the added plates.  A good tuner and our clutch will work very well to give you a factory feel out of any clutch we offer.

There is nothing better than to take a GT-R to the strip and click off an 8 second pass, and then drive it on the street without your partner complaining that it's not comfortable.  Turn the AC ON and relax on your ride home with a factory feel out of your 8 second trans.  No more harsh shifting no matter how fast you are.  You truly get the best of both worlds from our clutches.


We make efforts to try to increase reliability of the factory baskets if reused.  People seem to like to make fun of us for the additional work we perform to the factory baskets, but the truth is everyone else slaps the factory basket back in your trans as they are without doing a thing to them.  At least we are making an effort to allow these baskets to live by laser welding and giving attention to stress risers known to cause failure.  We upgrade both the clutch A and B baskets as standard procedure on all of our clutch services.  This is a unique and FREE upgrade included in all of our rebuilds as a reliability service.  If you are not comfortable with these, we also offer billet 1-piece baskets.

We use a laser welding robot to reinforce the baskets and prevent balance issues where the factory went wrong.  The process is done robotically and on both sides.  The laser weld, when complete, will be pure and completely clean of all contaminants.  The result is a weld 3x stronger than factory!  Yes, the weld will be far stronger than the surrounding material.  The weakest link will now be the strongest.  

If you look at the welds the factory made, it is dark (dirty) and it was a quick and cold weld.  Our new welds will be bright and clean as it is done slowly in a purely clean environment with state-of-the-art equipment the factory doesn't have.  Even the Argon used with this robot is special and unique!  The existing factory weld is burned away and the purest weld possible replaces it.   

The hub also has a stress-riser which is known to fail due to the heat and sloppy welding practices from the factory.  We repair this area so cracks will not develop.

The picture below is of the camera for the laser welder.  Note the dip in the center of the factory weld.  In this basket, which worked fine, it was cracked 3/4 of the way around the assembly.


The picture below is of the machine set up to weld the inside of a basket:


Our attention to detail assures the parts are straight and true.  There will be no distortions or heat damage to the existing metals.The work via machine is even and true all the way through the weak areas of the basket.  It works, try it! 

Video below of the machine in action welding the outside end:

Video below welding the inside end:


Another video of the camera in the machine watching as the robot follows the factory weld to clean it up and repair it:


Do you have a pair of baskets and want them welded?  No problem!  We charge $150 per basket plus shipping.  Please EMAIL us for details!  If you are making anything below 800, these welded baskets will work great and be reliable!

Pictures below of a completed basket.  Perfect robotic welds all the way around and on both sides:




We spend an enormous amount of time to assure all clearances are set up perfectly.  With our large inventory of steels of different thickness, ability to robotically modify assemblies, and clutch pressure test station, we can set every clutch to work brilliantly! Have us install your new clutches properly and enjoy the quality shifting from your GT-R as it was meant to be regardless of the power range.

Please contact us and we can fit you into a clutch system which will work and live.

No need to ship the complete trans for this quality service!  Click HERE for info about how to send us your front trans cover.

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