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The ETS, or also referred to as the AWD, FWD or 4wd which transfers power to the front wheels, is a sealed and self contained unit with no vent.  This unit activates when the vehicle requires power to the front wheels.  A sealed unit with no vent which is this active and can become very hot is bad news as the clutches can very quickly overheat and kill the fluid.  If the fluid gets hot enough, there is no way the pressure can escape and the case can crack.  Long tech article on how it works and how we rebuild them HERE

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It is very important to disassemble and clean this unit any time the trans front cover is removed.  We are proud to offer this service to assure long life out of your ETS assembly.

We also sell new clutches for this unit as an upgrade and/or replacement for the originals if they are damaged.  Please email us to inquire about them.


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