The Galant VR4 first gear is an option many people want. The gear is taller than OEM giving you a first that is not totally useless. The GSX first feels very short, and with so many people using large turbos, a taller gear is a nice thing to have. We carry the GVR4 first gear in stock and can install it for you at an additional charge of $220 in any of our builds (all years). We do not guarantee this gear though. They are weaker than the OEM GSX first and if you are using a heavy clutch or are over 400hp, this gear can break. We do not recommend this gear, but will install it if requested. The pic below is of a broken unit out of my own car. My car had a solid center diff at the time and it only took 7 good launches to break it. I was very disappointed, because it was really nice before it broke.


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