Take the advantage and the WIN at the road course with our SUPER double synchronizer 3 rd and 4 th gear! Only made by us, this makes a huge difference in shift quality and speed in 3 rd and 4 th which are used a lot with the road racer on high speed courses. The pictures below show the clear difference! Our double synchronizer blockers are much larger than the EVO III version everyone else uses. We have been making these for years and have NEVER had a SUPER double synchro wear out! In the pic- The unit on the top is the EVO III double synchro and the unit on the bottom is ours.

For drag racing, the EVO III gear is stronger, so is recommended for that application which usually requires as much HP as you can make. When it comes to the road racer though, the unit on the bottom has a much larger double synchro, and is the synchro of choice! With a rating of 400hp, it has more than enough strength for the road racer for years of reliable fast and smooth shifting! For such a huge double synchronizer to work, we had to use the ‘weaker’ hub and slider assembly from the 2G transmissions. They are already pretty darn strong, but we will only rate the unit at 400hp just to be on the safe side. Any more than 400 and there is a ‘risk’ it could break the slider. This SUPER double synchro is also a very nice upgrade for those with daily drivers.



The next picture below is of another view of how big our SUPER double synchronizer really is! The EVO III synchronizer ring is actually sitting INSIDE our SUPERsynchro!!


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