At Jacks Transmissions, we know which seals live in your engine.  We have repaired many thousands of DSMs, and EVOs, and rebuilt hundreds of engines.  Our experience has allowed us to find which seals work and live, and prevent your engine from leaking.  We get many compliments from customers that their engine finally has no leaks and stays that way!  Just look under an engine builders car at the race track.  Is their engine covered with oil?  It is common to see many engine builders with race cars that leak all over the place.  If their own personal engine can't stay sealed, how is your engine in which they build going to stay leak free?  Feel confident that an engine from us will not leak and has the highest quality seals for a long and trouble free service life.  The same holds true with our heads.  We use high temp valve seals to prevent them from leaking.  This means you will not use oil and blow smoke.  Below is a picture of a seal which we find many builders use.  This is found at the oil pump sprocket and is a critical seal which needs to stay healthy, or it will blow oil all over the timing belt, and could possibly leak enough all at once to kill your new engine:




Looks like a good clean seal doesn't it?  This seal only has a few months of service with an engine we had aquired which spun a rod bearing.  Once I put my finger on it and flex the rubber, you can see how bad the seal really is:



That seal is commonly used in Felpro gasket sets.  We don't use anything but factory gasket sets here and if we build our own gasket set for your vehicle, which we commonly do, it will have only the best parts we have found to work reliably in your engine.

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