At Jacks Transmissions, we spend an enormous amount of money and time to assure a clean and well built product.  We pride ourselves in providing a clean environment and talented employees with the engineering mentality needed for a quality rebuild of your V160 Supra 6-speed trans!  Below is the whole process from start to finish!  We will try to explain why we do what we do and we hope you can see for yourself that we are the company which we hope to earn your business.

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Getting the unit to us is easy.  We can arrange to have our shipper come to you and pick up the trans at your location directly if you are not comfortable in shipping the unit yourself.  Please email us for details.

First, the unit arrives and we take it to our tear-down room, which is used for all of the dirty work.  We have several benches designed for this purpose with drains and a complete dirty tool set used ONLY for tear-down purposes.  We do not mix our dirty tools with the clean tools used to assemble your unit later.  This is key to assure quality.  Picture of the V160 below.  It's a pretty nasty one:

DSC07363 medium

As we tear the unit down, we inspect parts to see if there are any obvious problems.  As things come apart, they get tossed in our industrial spin-jet washer which does all of the dirty work in the first phase of cleaning.

Once the bell housing and end cover are off, it's time for the hardest part of the V160 tear-down, and that's pulling the gears off the shafts.  The equipment we use for this is special in that it is designed to pull the gears without damaging the gear teeth and without using heat.  We see many V160 units with chipped gear teeth due to the fact that many pull the gears off with cheap pullers that will apply pressure to the gear teeth and not the solid base of the gear.  


Take a look at the picture below.  Note how our puller grabs the base of the gear and does not touch the gear teeth.  When you have treated and hardened gear teeth, they can easily chip.  Preventing the puller from touching the teeth is key to preserve the gear and keep it happy.

DSC07337 medium

The puller is designed to have a slight angle to it to prevent contact at the tooth of the gear.  You can see the gap get bigger as the tool is out more away from center.  Picture below of the tool pulling the gear safely and evenly all the way out.

DSC07338 medium


Note the witness marks from the puller in the pic below.  See on the left and right sides where the puller grabbed onto the gear and didn't damage the teeth?

DSC07342 medium

Another thing we like to note is we absolutely DO NOT use heat to remove the gears.  Our pullers are strong enough to pull the gear out with ease without the need for heat.  We see many gears damaged due to heat used by a previous builder in the past.  Heat can damage the treating of the gear and cause weakness and distortion.  Pulling the gears off without heat assures they stay strong and healthy.  Here is a picture below of a gear which we found in a trans rebuilt by someone else in the past.  Note how dark it is on the LEFT, gear pulled without heat our way on the RIGHT.  This trans made noise and we had to replace that gear with a fresh one to eliminate the noise:

DSC05143 medium

Below is the 5-6 synchro hub pulled the right way:


DSC07348 medium 

6th gear also pulled the correct way below with no heat:

DSC07350 medium

We then press the gear clusters out of the center housing and press the gears off the shafts.  In the pic below, that's 2nd, 1st and Rev getting pressed off in one clean and quick shot:

DSC07354 medium

In the pic below is 3rd gear getting press off the shaft:

DSC07358 medium

After all parts are removed and run through our spin-jet washer, we then run the parts through our 110gal ultrasonic machine which is a very rare machine to find in the trans rebuild World.  Our Ultrasonic machine gets the parts to a whole level of clean our competitors can't match!

After spending some time on the ultrasonic, we then run the parts through our pulse-jet washer which blows out any remaining debris out via a 500PSI high pressure pulsating water jet controlled by hand.

After this last cleaning step, we then lay all of the parts out on a clean assembly bench and perform a final inspection of all parts to find any other issues which may have been hiding previously.

SupraDone2 large

Everything from this point on is spotless!  The bench, all transmission parts and the tools used to assemble the unit are clean and only for this purpose.

During the assembly process, we inspect, update/replace, and blueprint all synchros, hub and sleeves, gears, seals and forks.


Want your gears, sleeves and outer synchros Micropolished?  It's not a bad idea for high torque applications:

DSC05460 grande

We have a jig set up to assemble the V160 proper by standing the unit up straight so as to press the new gears into position cleanly and correctly without the risk of damage:

Stage 3 (Supra V160) Stage 3 (Supra V160) Stage 3 (Supra V160) 

Proper preloads during assembly is very important and we take this step seriously.  If the preloads are not correct, the unit can make noise, have shifting issues or fail in short time.  Proper bearing preloads will keep the gear clusters in the correct position to eliminate gear whine, will allow for the input shaft to spin up for smoother shifting, and allow the unit to live under high torque applications.  

Most of our competitors miss the bearing preload step completely!  We have found preload shims missing from V160 units serviced by others which the customer had the complaint that the unit made noise.  

After all preloads are checked and shimmed proper, we assemble the case.  Case is spotless and ready for final assembly with new seals:

DSC07432 medium DSC07447 medium DSC07450 medium 

DSC07453 medium DSC07452 medium DSC07456 medium

Once the unit is completely assembled, we apply a coating of clear to the case to keep that beautiful like-new look for a long time!

Stage 3 (Supra V160) 

We noticed that many Supra 6-speed Getrag V160 owners are afraid of allowing anyone to rebuild their trans and feel it's better to purchase a new replacement from Toyota or used unit instead.  We understand this frustration after servicing many V160 units which have been rebuilt incorrectly.  People like us with the engineering mentality for a quality job is something which the Supra community has needed for the 6-speed for a long time.  We hope to be an option for a quality rebuild at a fraction of the cost of a new unit with the confidence to know that your rebuilt trans will be correct.  We believe that our rebuild is done in such attention to detail that it will far surpass the quality of a new unit.  

Used units on the market always have a problem of some kind.  Buying used for a vehicle which is aging is never a good idea and will almost always have a dead synchro somewhere.  

Have your original trans rebuilt in the cleanest environment in the industry!  We would very much like to earn your business!  Please feel free to email us direct.  We would love to talk to you about your needs and get you on the way to a trans which will preform and live as intended.


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