• 'KIT A' Value - AWD DSM

Transmission Rebuild Kit for your 90-92 AWD DSM. This kit includes additional upgrades to allow for smoother shifting and better reliability over stock power levels. We have had people get away with over 500HP on this kit, but we recommend not going over 400HP.

This Kit Includes:

New 1-2 Shift Fork

3-4 Shift Fork

New 1-5 Synchro Rings

Our own machined double synchro 1st gear upgrade with rings. Designed to drop in without any additional modifications.

Our own machined double synchro 2nd gear upgrade. Designed to drop in without any additional modifications.

New 1-2 Gear Hub
New 1-2 Gear Slider

New 1-2 Synchro Springs
New 3-4 Synchro Springs

New 1-2 Synchro Shoes / Keys
New 3-4 Synchro Shoes / Keys

New Input / Output / CV Axle Oil Seals

New tapered roller bearings for each end of intermediate shaft

New 1-2, 3-4, and 5-R Shift Fork Roll Pins

Optional Upgrades

4-Spider Center Diff

Torrington Upper Bearing

New Center Diff Side Shims

New Spider Gear Kit with Pinion Gears
Machined Cross Shaft
Machined Lower Diff Housing

PLEASE NOTE: We will need you to send in your Center Diff, 1st Gear, and 2nd Gear in order for you to be able to fit these parts to your trans correctly. Also, Mitsubishi has discontinued the smaller diameter (1990 style) 5th gear synchro. If you select ' 1990 ' year, you will only receive synchros for 1st - 4th gears.


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'KIT A' Value - AWD DSM

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